Federation of Canadian Artists – Online Critique With Dale Byhre, SFCA

October 17, 2023

$35 (members) / 40 (non-members) + 5% GST


Tuesday, October 17th 

10 AM – Noon (PST)

Online Via Zoom 

Open to all levels!  

Limited to 10 students!


Interactive Online Critiques:

To get to that “next level” you’ll sometimes need the constructive feedback of an experienced critic/fellow artist to drive your work forward. Critiques will help you grow as an artist and help you develop your work. Hear what is working in your art and ask for input on your current challenges. You’ll receive an overall evaluation of your artwork’s strengths and weaknesses and a clear idea of how to move forward with your art by FCA Senior Member Dale Byhre. 

About Dale Byhre, SFCA:

Long interested in marine art, Dale Byhre has specialized in depicting both historical and modern ships. Ranging from rocky shorelines and the working boats of the west coast to the fighting ships of World War II, Dale has encompassed a strong appreciation for both ships and the sea, depicting them both with accuracy and reverence. Dale Byhre’s paintings are masterful recreations of a time and place based on long hours of research and study. Whether a battleship in action during a critical moment in history or fishing docks on a peaceful morning.


In September of 2021, Dale was made a Signature Member of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists. He is also a Senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Dale’s work is in many private and public collections, including those of the Royal Canadian Navy, the US Naval Academy Museum, the US Naval History and Heritage Command, the Mosquito Fleet Exhibit, the USS Turner Joy Museum and others. Recently, Dale’s originals and reproductions depicting US Naval involvement during the Vietnam War, have become highly praised and sought after, especially by veterans who served there aboard those very ships. Dale takes great pride in the friendships made through his artwork and has been honoured by being an invited guest at various USN reunion events. Dale is a full-time artist and lives with his wife Susan in Cloverdale, B.C. You can view his original paintings at:

– The G&S Company in White Rock B.C- The Federation Gallery in Vancouver, which houses the Federation of Canadian Artists, Canada’s largest national arts service organization for visual artists

– The CSMA gallery at The Victory, Naval Marine Archive (ultramarine.ca)

– The Aquamaris Gallery in Duncan BC (aquamarisartgallery.ca)

How to register:

Using the submission on artists.ca, upload up to two images of your work for the Online Critique Session by no later than Thursday, October 12th. The critique is limited to 10 participants, so please submit early in order to secure your spot.


After enrolling you will receive an emailed invoice. Please keep this for your records. Closer to the critique date, you will be sent an email with further instructions and a link to the interactive online platform. If you have further questions about online critiques, please don’t  hesitate to get in touch. Email education@artists.ca or call 604-681-2744.

Student Testimonials:


  • “ What a nice guy and artist! I learned something about my approach, so what could be improved, other than attend another class! He remarked that I paint in a tonal way, and I always struggle with, ‘is it done’. I intend to re evaluate the ‘when is it done’ question. Thanks great workshop.” 



  • “I would participate in more of these sessions. The price was right and I also got to see other’s work and hear the comments for those paintings which may help in my own work. Thank you Dale, and thank you FCA!



  • Thank you for making this type of “service” available. It is always good to get constructive feedback from knowledgeable artists like Dale!”

Registration Details

Please register at: https://artists.ca/submissions/view/id/1802

Or call the office at 604-681-2744 or email us at education@artists.ca

Suppy List

For more information, please visit: https://federationacademy.ca/critique-dale-byhre

October 17, 2023
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

$35 (members) / 40 (non-members) + 5% GST