Federation of Canadian Artists – Studio Mentorship Program with Liza Visagie

September 30, 2023 - December 09, 2023

$Members: 590.00, Non-Members: 640.00


Saturdays, twice a month

September 30th – December 9th (6 sessions) 

Individual Session Dates: September 30th, October 14th & 28th, November 18th & 25th, December 9th

10.00 AM – 2.00 PM (access to space 9.30 – 5.00PM)

Federation Academy on Granville Island

Limited to 9 students!
Suitable for beginner/intermediate students.

FCA Studio Mentorships

Studio mentorships are your opportunity to work with a professional artist in the Federation Academy on Granville Island. You’ll meet with Liza throughout September, October, November and December to work on your paintings, ask questions and further develop your practice.

Invest in yourself and commit to two days per month, and see how your artwork and techniques improve. For artists without their own studio, this is a great way to access a creative space, tailor made for art-making. In addition to 4hrs of mentoring artists will receive an extra 3hrs of access to our classroom space to work on their paintings and communicate with their peers.

With plenty of demonstrations, one-on-one teaching and lively discussion, this mentorship is limited to twelve registrants.

Benefits of Studio Mentorship


  • Bi-weekly check-ins with a professional artist
  • Ask questions and receive answers in real-time
  • Meet new artists and learn from their feedback
  • Encourage accountability in your practice
  • Great way to schedule time for your development
  • Celebrate victories and challenges you’ve overcome
  • Share your current challenges and learn from your peers and mentor about how to move forward
  • Put your learning into action with assignments
  • Receive access to a space tailor made for art-making


Mentorship Overview:

6 In-Person Sessions

We start this mentorship program with an evaluation of your current status, as well as an introduction to everyone in the group. Liza will discuss short and long term goals with you, which will define next steps on your artistic journey.

Each consecutive session will be built out based on where everyone is in their work and what their personal ambitions are for attending this mentorship program. Over this 3 month program you will takeaway practical ways to improve and develop your paintings.

About the Instructor – Liza Visagie

Painting is a visual experience concerned with clarifying thought and to awaken in us the simplicity and unity of an impression. Liza applies traditional oil painting techniques along with investigative and innovative approaches within a modern and contemporary context. The structural and optical challenges of oil painting is at the forefront of her subject matter which ranges from site specific landscapes to narrative based still life. Liza’s interest is in documenting the ever changing natural environment by working directly in nature and from her experience of studying various landscapes and cities around the globe.

Student Testimonials:


  • “Liza did a great job sharing her personal creative process. Her session was extremely helpful. Thanks a lot.”




  • “Liza has great knowledge of painting. Highly recommend.”



  • “Liza is an excellent teacher, I think, because she listened and met her students where they are at. She is first-class in my books. She is tough, thorough and knows her stuff.”



  • “Liza’s knowledge of classical painting and the safe use of material was very helpful. She taught us about materials, how to hold the brush and why, oils over  acrylics, pigments, different well known artists and why they paint, design, think, create, influence the way they do, etc. Thank you, Liza!”




  • “Liza was well prepared with a variety of books and list of artists we were not familiar with. We were all thankful of the extra material she covered which answered a lot of questions that came up during class and which we all shared. Excellent instructor!”



  • “Liza was tremendous and caught us up on a lot of information that was needed as foundational.”

Registration Details

Please register at: https://artists.ca/courses/view/id/2455

Or call the office at 604-681-2744 or email us at education@artists.ca

Suppy List

For more information, please visit: https://federationacademy.ca/studio-mentorship-visagie

September 30, 2023 - December 09, 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Federation Academy
1310 Johnston St
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 3S1

$Members: 590.00, Non-Members: 640.00