Floral Collage Painting Workshop

May 01, 2021



Create a floral work with delightful nuance and texture, no matter if you’ve painted before or not. A colourful bouquet will be used as a starting point from which to draw inspiration, but playful variation and expressive approach will be encouraged. Participants will be guided through a particular sequence of art materials and a discussion of each. This workshop leads to such delightful and unique art pieces, and is great particularly for those who feel anxious about art. The succession of materials and the relaxing effect of paper mache-ing, as I’ve observed, tend to silence the inner critic and lead to good things without existential panic of any sort.

Date: Saturday May 1st

Time: 4:30-7pm

Sessions: 1

Tuition: $65

Classes are held at North Park Art Studio, at 10-903 North Park Street in Victoria BC, and facilitated by artist and illustrator Laura Bonnie. Click here to view studio registration and cancellation policies. Please register at least 3 days before a workshop is scheduled to begin.

Registration Details

Register online here https://laurabonnie.com/mixed-media-floral-art-workshop/

Suppy List

All materials will be provided

May 01, 2021
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

North Park Art Studio
10-903 North Park Street, Victoria BC
Victoria, BC, V5T 1C4
Vancouver Island