FRESH AND NEW a mixed media workshop with Jeanne Krabbendam

August 22, 2020

$145 + GST


A mixed media workshop with Jeanne Krabbendam

This first workshop of the season is planned for mixed media techniques in acrylic paintings. Get ideas to layer your artwork and create depth through mixed media applications: participants can bring a finished piece and a new surface to work on (with a plan).

We will be taking time to look at art works and see how you can enhance your work and which techniques are most applicable to your art practice. I will do demonstrations of different techniques and will be coaching and guiding you in performing them yourself. A full afternoon of explorations in acrylics and mixed media.

Come home with fresh ideas and new inspiration!

Special Instructions

I have found The Mayer Studio, a beautiful LARGE studio space for teaching workshops, perfectly organized and arranged to secure maintaining physical distance. I will be working with a limited number of people per workshop, with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 students in a large, 2000 sf, studio space with private bathroom and sink for the brushes. There is lots of room and individual workspaces will be at least 2 meters apart from one another. The studio will be equipped with disinfectant spray, wipes and hand soap. Bring your own bag for garbage and take it home to deposit.

Following the government guidelines, if you want to socialize with friends and plan to be closer than those 2 meters away from others, you will have to wear mask and gloves.

The studio has his own entrance on the outside of the building.

Free street parking in the area              

NOTE: Anybody who doesn’t feel well with cold/flu symptoms, or has someone in their household who does, should NOT attend the workshop.


This is a workshop in which we enhance our existing art work with mixed media techniques. Some painting experience required.

Registration Details

Information and registration: / 604 358 6965

Suppy List

Acrylic paints of your choice (regular acrylics, liquid acrylics, inks, as long as it is acrylic base. Colour suggestions: warm / cool primaries, plus Zinc and Titanium White and maybe Raw Umber and Paynes Grey

Some gel medium

Painting tools: brushes and palette knives and other favourite fun tools

Disposable palette

Water container

Some rags

Stack of old newsprint or magazines to wipe your brushes

Masking tape


Markers (Permanent markers / China markers /other drawing tools)

Spray bottle

Cover up for your clothes, plus mask and gloves

Garbage bag

The studio doesn’t have chairs, so if you want to sit while you work, bring a chair for yourself

As you know, I normally bring lots of things to class to share. This won’t be the case this time because of the safety measures regarding the pandemic.

So, if you want to work with plaster, bring some modeling paste, or some drywall filler (any brand is good)

If you want to create textures with papers or cheese cloth, bring some with you

If you want to do some image transfers bring some B & W Laser photocopies and some clear packing tape;

If you want to use stencils, bring whatever stencil material you want to incorporate

August 22, 2020
12:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Mayer studio
111-1000 Parker street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 2H2

$145 + GST