How One Artist Builds A Successful Art Business

September 22, 2019

$40 + gst


This is a presentation.  PERFECT for EMERGING ARTISTS, and ANYONE who wants to know how to build a thriving art business.

Richard shares:

Ten years ago I did not know how to paint, let alone build and run a successful art business. Today, I’m established and my business provides a nice income. I have learnt a lot along the way, mostly through trial and error. I would like to share all that I’ve learned with you.

Bring pen and paper. Bring your questions. Hear my stories (all true). Have a few laughs! There’ll be lots discussed.

Here’s a sampling:

1. All important “intangibles”.
2. Your mood and sales.
3. Finding your niche.
4. Building partnerships and relationships.
5. Some marketing tips that works (for me).
6. Imagine what you can do if you know who your customers are and what they are likely to buy, in advance.
7. Building several income streams.
8. Getting two pay days out of one piece of fine art.
9. Surviving the journey.
10. You’ve made it. Great! Congrats! … Now What?

Richard Wong is a professional wildlife artist/instructor. Richard’s watercolours on Japanese art paper are widely collected. Richard’s classes are popular. He teaches throughout Greater Victoria and surrounding communities. He has earned international credentials having shown, taught and presented in Australia (Cairns, Far North Queensland) and the United States (Anacortes, Washington).



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September 22, 2019
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Coast Collective Gallery & Art Centre
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$40 + gst