In-Person Workshop: Plein Air Pastel with Roberta Combs

September 30, 2021 - October 01, 2021



DATE: Monday (September 13th) & Tuesday (September 14th), 2021 TIME: 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM

LOCATION for both days: Federation Studio, 1243 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

OPEN TO ALL LEVELS (Beginner to Advanced)! Limited to 8 students!

COST for 2 sessions: Member: $295, non-member: $345


This workshop will focus on helping painters achieve that ineffable quality of light within their paintings. Working from photo references, we will deal with the issues of value, color and edges in order to accomplish the alchemy of the illusion of light and atmosphere on a two dimensional surface. There will be time devoted to demos and the balance of the workshop spent on personalized coaching at the easel.


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Suppy List


If you are just beginning, a good basic set of soft pastels is Sennelier, Holbein or Richesson. A small set of these may seem a little costly but will have a very strong impact on your painting experience and will last a long time. Consider that we will be focusing on a landscape scene so you can choose a related color palate to put in your travel pastel box.
*Note: don’t bring full pastels or multiple boxes. Your pastels should be broken in half or small usable pieces so you can have a larger color selection while having a lighter load to transport. I do not recommend only bringing Nupastel (very hard), or any pastels made in China including Koss, Pentel, Mungyo or Prang brands which have little pigment and contain chalk.

Sanded pastel paper will be provided for this workshop

Foam core board to fix your paper


A portable or travel easel that will be easy to carry and pack up. If you like to sit you can bring a portable folding chair or stool. You will need a support surface for your pastels. If your easel set-up does not provide for this, you may need a small lightweight table. A plastic bag with a water bottle can serve as ballast to secure your easel.

Small Sketch Pad and Drawing pencil

Masking tape: 1 ½ ” wide or clamps to secure your paper

Brush: 1”-1 ½ “ wide acrylic or w/c

Plastic sheet or table cover to put underfoot for 2nd day indoor session

Glassine or paper to cover your work during transit

Optional additions: Apron, wet wipes, old towel

Personal considerations: Umbrella, hat, layered clothing, sunscreen, drinking water, lunch/snack, trash bags

** If you are shopping for pastels, Opus now carries Sennelier Soft Pastel Sets that are highly recommended. Also, a fine quality Richeson Professional Pastels – Basic Foundation Set that is the perfect inexpensive starter set for about $80. The sets contain 3 softness levels used in pastel painting and includes several other useful tools. Good quality pastels make a huge difference in pastel paintings.

September 30, 2021 - October 01, 2021
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

UBC Botanical Garden
6804 SW Marine Dr
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z4