Exploring Different Frames and Framing Artwork with Trevor Code

March 25, 2021


When: March 25th @ 5:30 pm (1.5hr)

An Introduction to Frame options with Live Examples of Framing Art Pieces with Trevor Code

After many requests from demo attendees, we are happy to present a two part virtual framing variety show style demo aimed at introducing our creative community to the fundamental considerations of framing! Join Trevor Code, one of Opus’ most experienced framers an introduction to frame options and live examples of framing art pieces!
Trevor will discuss the differences between Custom Frames and Ready-Made frames and clarify when, and why, someone would want to consider custom frames. This demo’s live assembly portion will show 4 basic framing assemblies. These will include how to frame a canvas in a front loading frame as well as framing artwork on paper in a custom back-loading frame, a metal ready-made frame, and a wood ready-made frame. We will also delve into hinging techniques for safely securing artwork to mat boards, using spacers for float mounting, and the basics of hanging your framed piece at home. Perfect for folks who are entirely new to framing, anyone wanted to refresh their existing knowledge, or for individuals wanting to dip their toes into the world of framing before their first framing experience with Opus!

About these 2 demos, Trevor says…
There is a spectrum between tacking something to the wall and framing for a museum. Most of us exist somewhere in the middle, and it’s my hope to help introduce considerations that can help determine what or how to frame your artwork, objects, and memories. In general framing doesn’t have to be expensive, and if it is you should know why, and what it is that makes it that way and, over all, if framing something is difficult, something is usually wrong. Done right, it’s done once, and done well!

Note: This demo will cover a lot of information and will act as a wonderful introduction to concepts in framing! If you have specific questions about one of your framing projects or are interested in framing with us at Opus, we recommend calling one of our store locations to book a framing consultation or our Customer Support and Mail Order department for online framing orders.

Trevor will be talking about a wide variety of materials – instructions for how to acquire a full list of the mentioned materials will be shared during the demo.
*We recommend participants come prepared with note taking supplies to jot down information they find useful!


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Artist Bio

Trevor Code gained his extensive framing experience from over 20 years of framing. While working at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and at art and Framing shops in Ontario, Trevor learned about conservation, and presentation. We were delighted to have him join us at Opus 12 years ago. Trevor’s knowledge has grown even further as Opus’ customers have taught him even more! Though he often feels like he has seen just about every kind of framing situation, every day he is surprised by something new! Trevor’s favourite framing projects include unusual objects and items that are special enough to be presented and preserved, but not always framed. He says that the right frame can really make a piece of art incredible, while also protecting items that might otherwise not be presented as art.

March 25, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm