Joyful Watercolor / Finding Your Style Lesson 2: Filling Our Sketchbook

May 09, 2022


Join the Joyful Watercolor / Finding Your Style workshop with instructor Shayda Campbell! In this joyful and inspirational 4-part series focused on both watercolour education and play, students will fill the pages of a watercolour sketchbook with practice illustrations, floral compositions, watercolour techniques, and finished pieces.

Lesson 2: Watercolor Techniques, Mark Making and Pattern Painting

Grab a sketchbook and let’s fill some of those pages!! In this video we’ll get back to basics and experiment with some different watercolor techniques. Things like wet into wet, wet on dry, blooms etc, will all be utilized and explored as we make patterns, fill pages, get colorful and try out ALL our brushes!

Learn more about this Strathmore 2022 Workshop and sign up HERE to participate online. This Strathmore workshop will be available online on and after the event date in case you miss it.

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Shayda Campbell is a Canadian artist and YouTube content creator. Her channel is a calm, inspirational space where she provides tutorials that take the fear out of the artistic process and encourage adults toward a casual, daily art practice. Learn more about artist Shayda Campbell on her website or Instagram, and check out her popular Youtube Channel for even more!

May 09, 2022