Cancelled/Postponed – Landscape Painting in Cobra Water Mixable Oil Colours with Darryl Funk

July 16, 2021


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When: July 16th @ 1pm (1.5hr demo)

In this demo Darryl will be introducing us to his method of painting landscapes in water mixable oil paint. You can look forward to watching Darryl work on what he likes to call a ‘fictional landscape’, in other words, a landscape of his own design based on memories and experiences rather than photo reference of an actual place, and discussing his efforts to simplify and abstract landscapes into simple shapes and forms. Through the demo, Darryl will discuss the technical aspects of the solvent-free Cobra oil colours, their amazing versatility (they can be used like a watercolour/gouache on paper and also work extremely well as an alternative block print ink!), as well as various painting medium options to alter the working properties of these paints. Using flat brushes, he will demonstrate his technique of blending colours directly on the canvas to form a smooth gradation. Darryl will also demonstrate how he uses filberts to create a textured ‘leaf-like’ pattern. As an added bonus, Darryl will briefly talk you through how to prepare a canvas for oil painting while stretching his own canvas, transferring his sketch, and acrylic underpainting.




Darryl’s Materials List

Raw canvas off the roll, 10 oz.

A polymer medium to seal the canvas such as Golden GAC 500

Amsterdam transparent gesso

Acrylic Paints in Light Oxide Red, Transparent Oxide Yellow, Burnt Umber or similar colours such as Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, etc

Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint in…

Titanium White

Payne’s Grey

Van Dyke Brown


Cadmium Yellow Medium 

Permanent Green Light

Permanent Green Dark

Phthalo Green

Yellowish Green

King’s Blue

Greyish Blue

Primary Cyan

Cobra painting medium 

Princeton Aspen and Refine flats and filbert brushes in various sizes 

Powell Studio Easel (for in studio)

Garibaldi Sketchbox (for plein air)


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Artist Bio

Darryl W. Funk is a Canadian artist working out of Chilliwack, BC. He studied

at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta and the Center for Arts

and Technology, Okanagan in Kelowna, BC. Darryl has a Bachelor of Fine Arts

degree specializing in printmaking.

Children’s illustration is the main reason Darryl pursued a career in art.  He has been on staff with the Canadian publication, “Bazoof” children’s magazine since its

inception in 2006.  He has also illustrated a children’s book and the Jasper National

Parks “Children’s Xplorer’s Guide”. As a landscape painter, Darryl draws inspiration from the art of the 1930s and 40s, most notably the work of Lawren Harris and Emily Carr. As he continues to paint, Darryl plans to move deeper into the abstract, exploring colour, form and movement.

Since 2015, Darryl has been an Ambassador for the North American division of

Royal Talens of Amsterdam.  He travels throughout Alberta and B.C. demonstrating

the use of their excellent fine art supplies including the solvent-free line of oils called,

COBRA. Darryl is also an ambassador for Princeton Brushes which he has been

using exclusively since 2019.




July 16, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm