Meditation Mandala Making E-Xperience

June 04, 2020 - June 05, 2020



Experience an Inner & Outer Balance Through the Circle of Creation – In Focused Breath & Design

Creating Your Own Self-Guided Manadala While Using Meditative Breathing Techniques

 ‘Utilizing the Mandala for Meditation Purposes Assists in Learning our Inner Knowledge’

During this E-Xperience you will be learning the fundamentals of creating a traditional Mandala with a compass and ruler, while using methods of deep breathing throughout the process for inner focus and meditative states.

The finished design of your Mandala is meant to be beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, absorbing and freeing.  They symbolize our unique journeys through life.

Using the breath in this meditative process is all about Being right where you are.



Special Instructions

NOTE: Stepping away from the overly visual stimulations of our times, there are no video or audible interpretations of this process for creation.  It is in the using of your own constructive thinking and visualization methods that the purest outcome may come forth in tangible results.


none, only an open mind & heart to go within the process of creation.

Registration Details

Your complete Instruction PDF Package will be sent upon payment and preferred e-mail.

Please register via facebook at Zingara Arte Experience

or website  Joanna C. Cooke - OJO

Suppy List

Large Sketch Book

Compass Set


Pencil & Eraser

Markers/Pencil Crayons

June 04, 2020 - June 05, 2020