Nature as a Muse for Abstract Painting

November 18, 2021



Abstract generally refers to the lack of a specific recognizable subject in a painting, but as we well know, there are many levels in between photo-realism and pure abstraction. Moreover abstract does not imply there are no guiding principles. Just as we might approach a representational painting, in abstractiion we can also consider the roles of shape, value, colour, etc. There are many ways to approach making an abstract painting and finding a “way-in” is sometimes the most difficult. As you reference landscape and nature, you will be guided with specific prompts that will allow you to navigate and explore, where to begin, how to begin and what next, during the course of this two session workshop.

Special Instructions

This is an 'in-person' workshop held at South Delta Artists' Guild



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November 18, 2021
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

South Delta Artists Guild
1710 56th Street, Tsawwassen
Delta, BC,