Painting Abstracts Using Tonal Design with Tony O’Regan

June 06, 2021


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When: June 6th @ 1pm (1.5hr demo)

Join skilled artist and educator Tony O’Regan for another fantastic demo! This session Tony will give a thorough introduction to successfully using the tonal design method for painting striking abstracts. Tony will demonstrate how this method encourages strong abstract design by creating 4 paintings inspired by the seasons. Techniques will include ways of choosing values, identifying shapes, understanding the interactions of these shapes, and mark-making. The demonstration will use watercolor, but the approach works well for all mediums. Perfect for creative folk interested in deepening their knowledge of abstract painting, value, or tonal design – this demo will be helpful for individuals of all levels!

Tony’s Materials for Watercolour Abstract Demo

Please Note – The demo will most likely be too fast paced to paint along with Tony. However, the demo will be recorded and available for viewing at where you can review at your leisure and work along as you wish.

Paint *Tony will use watercolours, but these techniques apply to other paint varieties

1 x Red paint, a deep crimson, ideally Alizarin Permanent or Rose Madder

1 x  Yellow paint, ideally a Hansa Yellow such as Hansa Yellow Light or Medium

1 x  Blue paint, ideally Ultramarine Blue

1 x  Dark cool green paint, ideally Viridian Green or Phthalo Green

1 x large full sheet arches 140 LB Watercolour paper (cut into quarters)

1 x piece of rigid flat material such as plexi, hardboard, or “corroplast” to tape the papers onto (12in x 16in or larger)

1 x ¾”  to 1” Flat Brush for making wash shapes  

1 x  #6 or #8 Round Brush for detail

Plenty of paper towel

1 x HB Graphite Pencil

Paper for taking notes

1 x small natural sponge (genuine natural sponges are softer on the paper than artificial).

1 x palette with large compartments (to accommodate the wash brush)

A small ‘spritzer’ fine spray bottle for water

Water containers.

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Artist Bio

Tony O’Regan was ‘trained’ in perspective in early teens by his father who was a designer-builder. He did architectural renderings and drafting for him, for his associates, then larger building projects in ‘designer-color’ gouache, watercolour, airbrush, etc. This led Tony to study painting at the original Vancouver School of Art and then Emily Carr and complete a Masters in Environmental Design (Architecture).  Through-out his studies, Tony freelanced and taught at UBC, University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, Kwantlen, Shadbolt Center and Emily Carr University. Tony loves design, but he particularly loves the ‘studio skills’ of drawing, painting, sculpture and modeling. Tony continues to create a collection of hundreds of his demonstrations and teaching videos, as well as other useful content for artists, teachers, students and design school applicants, at  and Tony lives in White Rock and drinks coffee at the Pelican Cafe.  For questions and inquiries email

June 06, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm