Painting Convincing Glass Objects in Watercolour with James Koll

July 10, 2021


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When: July 10th @ 11am (1.5hr demo)


Join local BC artist James Koll as he shares his approach to painting a still life in watercolour featuring a glass coffee decanter.

In addition to offering tips and tricks on enhancing the effect of transparency, this demo will take the participants through the three main stages involved in James’ approach to painting a watercolour: Starting with a wet-on-wet light-value wash over the whole painting, continuing with the mid tone colours using a wet on dry “bead” method, and finishing off with the darks and details. James will also touch on the use of masking fluid to reserve areas of white paper versus painting around them, controlling water to pigment ratio, and the colour system he is currently using on his palette which consists exclusively of single-pigment staining primary and secondary watercolours. This demo will be perfect for anyone interested in refining their skills for painting glass, those who would like to learn about James’ watercolour material choices, or those who would simply like to watch a realistic painting of a glass object come to life before their eyes.


James’ Materials List

Arches Cold-press 140 lbs Watercolour paper cut to 13″x10″ (stretched

by soaking for 15 minutes and then stapling the edges to a plywood

Board with masking tape over the staples leaving a painting surface of 9″x12″)


Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour tube colours in…

Winsor Lemon (PY175)

Transparent Yellow (PY150 Nickel Azo Yellow)

Transparent Orange (DPP)

Permanent Rose (PV 19 Quinacridone)

Winsor Violet (PV 23 Dioxazine)

Winsor Blue Red Shade (PB 15 Phthalo Blue)

Winsor Green Yellow Shade (PG 36 Phthalo Green)

#16 Round Synthetic Squirrel Watercolour brush such as Escoda Ultimo, DaVinci Casaneo, or Opus Galiano

#12 Round Synthetic Squirrel Watercolour brush such as Escoda Ultimo, DaVinci Casaneo, or Opus Galiano

#6 round Escoda Versatil Synthetic Sable Watercolour Brush

2″ Flat Wash Brush such as the Golden Wash brush

Palette with several large wells for mixing washes

Holbein Spray bottle

A cloth or sponge to remove excess water from brushes 

Paper towel

Blow dryer

Water container


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Artist Bio

James Koll is an artist born and raised in the lower mainland of British Columbia where his passion for drawing and painting developed at a very early age. Trained during the 80s in Commercial Art at Capilano College (now Capilano University), he is currently focused on pursuing his fine art, specializing in watercolor. He has become known for meticulously executed realism in watercolour and acrylic, but his love of plein air painting and recent foray into leading weekly virtual paint-along sessions are pushing him in a more spontaneous and painterly direction.







July 10, 2021
11:00 am - 12:30 pm