Painting Loosely: A Still Life Study with Michael King

February 25, 2023 - February 26, 2023



Course Description

Create paintings that are more dynamic and painterly through looser brushwork to add that needed energy, movement, and emotion to your piece. In this workshop we’ll discuss the still life setup, through design and composition while working with brushwork, value, edges and the nuance of colour as we move you towards painting more loosely. The skills you learn in this workshop can easily be taken forward to loosen up your personal style. All painting will be from life from two different still life setups. We’ll progress from laying in the composition to the final brushstrokes where they may make or break the painting.


Artist Bio

Michael King is a contemporary Canadian painter and art instructor based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. He works primarily as an oil painter and is dedicated to plein air (outdoor) painting and the creative studio process. With an eye for how light, shadow, and colour temperature form the fundamental elements of a scene, King’s practice blends representation with Impressionistic aesthetics. This juxtaposition of technique and intuition creates paintings that are poised between observational realism and abstraction.

With his formal education in Industrial Design from Carleton University in Ottawa, King’s career in product design influenced his approach to fine art. King places strong emphasis on mastery of the technical aspects of painting, then allowing the educated subconscious to take reign during the painting process. As an enthusiastic instructor, his workshops teach painting and design in a straightforward, accessible manner with a philosophy grounded in scientific fundamentals of perception, anatomy and observation, along with time proven principles of art.

King is an associate member of the Oil Painters of America and the founder of and the artful:minds online artist community. He is the past president and past vice president of the Fraser Valley Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He is also a past board member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Friends of Leigh Square in Port Coquitlam.




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Suppy List

For this workshop I suggest your standard painting supplies that you use for your acrylic or oil setup along with the below suggestions. Note: ONLY 'Odourless Mineral Spirits' allowed if painting in oil. No exceptions! Gamsol is what I recommend. 

  • Your Sketchbook: A small size blank page book for writing notes and compositional sketching. Don’t forget a pen or a pencil.
  • View Finder: You can buy a viewfinder from Opus or go old school and just use your fingers. 🙂
  • Easel: A pochade box or your preferred easel.
  • Canvas or Panels: If you have experience painting larger, a 16x20 canvas or panel. If not, I would recommend nothing larger than 11x14. I recommend bringing a 9x12, 8x10, and an 8x8 as you never know what ratio you may use.
  • Extra: Please bring a few sheets of heavy card stock paper (white or brown in 80lb weight) and some masking tape.
  • Markers: Please bring a Sharpie or a marker with a chisel or brush tip (black or dark grey).
  • Brushes: A selection of brushes from 1” to ¼ ” preferred. Flats, filberts or rounds. I am sure you have a good selection.
  • Palette knife: One or two palette knives. Not mandatory.
  • Paints: The paints that you currently own. Chances are you have a large selection but if you are looking for suggestions, bring a warm and cool of each primary colour, plus burnt sienna and white. Email me if you have questions or are looking for exact paint suggestions.  
    Plastic to protect the table

February 25, 2023 - February 26, 2023
10:00 am - 3:45 pm

West Vancouver Seniors’ Centre, Arts Studio
695 21st Street
West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7V 4A7
West Vancouver