Pastel Trees

November 18, 2023



Artists love soft pastels because of their ease of use and immediate brightness of colour. You will learn a variety of ways to draw trees in this afternoon workshop -from the solitary tree in a landscape to groups of trees in a wooded area. Working with colour, texture and composition will be covered. Suitable for all levels.

Special Instructions

This online course will be held via Zoom. Students will receive a link one week ahead of the start of the course.

Registration Details

Visit the Vancouver Island School of Art website to register online, or phone 250-380-3500.

Suppy List

- 12 colour set of soft pastels

- 12x16 pastel paper pad

- palette knife

- vine charcoal

- black conte

- blending stump

- plastic eraser

- rag

- small watercolour brush for blending (optional)

November 18, 2023
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm