Pastels and Nature

May 17, 2023 - June 21, 2023



The focus of this course is on using soft pastels with nature as a source of inspiration. Pastel drawings will include plants, flowers, landscapes as well as other natural forms such as shells and rocks. Students will be encouraged to work in an imaginative and inventive way that pushes the subject beyond mere representation. Methods to use chalk pastels as well as information about design and colour will be covered. Suitable for beginners.

Registration Details

Visit the Vancouver Island School of Art website to register online, or phone 250-380-3500.

Suppy List

- 12 colour set of soft pastels

- 12x16 pastel paper pad

- palette knife

- vine charcoal

- black conte

- blending stump

- plastic eraser

- rag

- small watercolour brush for blending (optional)

May 17, 2023 - June 21, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Vancouver Island School of Art
302-733 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 3C7