Pastels: Imaginative Vines

February 28, 2021



This workshop will introduce you to chalk pastels and activate your imagination as you create invented vines with leaves and floral elements. The idea for the workshop is inspired by Medieval manuscripts that were often heavily decorated with tangled vines. This workshop is great for those of you who are curious about using chalk pastels, as well as for people who just want to have a couple of hours where you get to engage in inventive play. Suitable for beginners.
Feb 28 Sunday, 2pm – 4pm Online Delivery

Suppy List

12 colour set of soft pastels

12x16 pastel paper

pad palette knife

vine charcoal

black conte

blending stump

plastic eraser

February 28, 2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Vancouver Island School of Art
950 Kings Rd, 2nd Floor
Victoria, BC, V8T 1W6