Purposeful Simplification Painting Workshop

February 28, 2023

$30 - 35


Expressive painter Jane Appleby will lead a fun & informative painting workshop via zoom focused on ways to use brushwork & certain elements to simplify paintings. Presented by West Vancouver Community Arts Council.

“There is power in each brushstroke which can impact a painting” & limiting certain elements will be the focus in this workshop.

Jane will explore “simplification” in compositions & what that may mean to individual artists. When painting “less is more” artists consider the elements of design such as using line, shapes, space, textures, colours & values. One of the simplest ways to depict something is to do a simple line drawings of what you see. When employing colour & other elements, the process becomes complex & options are limitless. 

In this two hour class Jane will lead participants in various exercises in painting using watercolour or acrylic to offer suggestions on simplifying  compositions. Some painting experience is helpful but all are welcome to join & paint along with Jane. 

Special Instructions

Workshop is online via Zoom. The workshop link will be e-mailed prior to the start of the workshop.

Registration Details

Register at westvanartscouncil.ca

$35 General / $30 West Van Arts Council Members

Suppy List

Paint: Acrylic or Watercolour.
Jane’s preferred colours (*) 

  • *Hansa Yellow Light, or Cadmium Yellow Light ,or Lemon Yellow
  • *Quinacridone Magenta (or Red), or Alizarin or Cadmium Red Light, or Rose Madder
  • *Primary Blue, or Pthalo Blue (Green shade), or Cobalt Blue, or Ultramarine, or Cerulean Blue
  • *Titanium White
  • *Raw Umber, or Burnt Umber, or Payne’s Grey or Black
  • Optional: Yellow Ochre, Sienna, Prussian Blue, Purple, Green, Neutral Grey, your favourites

Brushes: Good quality synthetic brushes, firm yet flexible Flat & Round brushes, big & small.

  • 3 Flats - bright, long, angled or filbert. 1.5”, 1”, 1⁄2”, 3/8”, or 1⁄4”
  • 3 Round with good point (no. 4 up – no. 12)
  • Tiny Round with good tip (no. 00 – no.2) for details

Paint Palette: “Stay Wet” for acrylics. Other palettes of surfaces ie: ice plastic container tops, foamboard, plates or trays (Paper palettes or tin foil are fine but are less solid to mix on).

Water Holders: such as 2 -500 ml containers half full, spray bottle with water to moisten paints.

Paper Towels or Rags to clean brushes.

Sketch Book or Paper: Ring bound sketchbook approximately 11 x 14 or larger, or clipboard with blank white paper, or watercolour paper. At least 10 sheets.

Drawing Materials: HB pencil &/or Sharpie (wedge or round) for sketches.

Work Surface: Table to work on, with protective cover (paper or plastic).

Simple Still Life Set Up or Photo Reference: fruit, silverware, cups, flowers, simple shaped items - max 3 items. Make rough outline sketch(s) of these on a paper before the class.

February 28, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

$30 - 35