Resin Pour Party with Naomi Topuzoglu

August 24, 2019


Saturday, August 24 2:00PM –4:00PM

Naomi will be walking participants through the unique world of Resin pouring.  Resin is an exciting medium and one of the hottest trends among artists today! We will be working with ArtResin® which allows artists to create bright, glossy finishes to a variety of creative applications. The two part epoxy resin is easy to combine and colour and is non-tonic. Come join us for an informative demonstration to learn how to use resin using a pouring method. We will learn how to do dirty pours and a number of other methods. Participants will need to arrive early to purchase resin supplies for the party.  Costs will vary depending on what resin and surface is purchased.

Space is limited and registration is required.
Please visit Opus Granville Island or contact them at 604‑736‑7028 to register.

As a very young child, Naomi had an insatiable drive to create art. She is a versatile artist – painter, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. Born in Toronto, Ontario to traditional Greek parents, Naomi’s creativity shone through at an early age. Energetic and brightly coloured forms and designs are the work of this artist, who is known for her limitless search of new ways to reinvent herself. Her love for what she does – teaching others to find themselves in art, constantly finding new answers to old questions and the never ending rush of reinventing herself, gives her the unique style that is Topuzoglu.

August 24, 2019

Granville Island
1360 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3S1