Sketching & Painting Birds in Watercolour with Ian De Hoog

May 01, 2021


When: May 1st @ 10:30am

Sketching & Painting Birds in Watercolour with Ian De Hoog


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Demo Description

Birds have fascinated people across all cultures for thousands of years. Hone your observational skills and develop drawing and watercolour painting techniques that allow you to truly see and illustrate the unique qualities of these magical creatures of the air.

Focusing on a loose approach to watercolour, artist Ian De Hoog will demonstrate various color mixing techniques, wet-on-wet methods, and some rather useful extended techniques. Suitable for the beginner through intermediate watercolour painters or anyone who would like to see one of BC’s fantastic watercolour artists in action!


Materials used 



Med-large mop brush

No. 12 round

No. 8 round

No. 2 round

1” hog hair fan brush



100% cotton, 140lbs, cold-pressed or rough watercolour paper (Arches, Bao Hong)


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors

Hansa Yellow Medium

Permanent Yellow Deep

Transparent Pyrrole Orange

Pyrrol Scarlet

Anthraquinoid Red


Cobalt Blue

Carbazole Violet

Sap Green

Prussian Green

Burgundy Yellow Ochre

Quinacridone Sienna

Transparent Brown Oxide

Joseph Z’s Warm Grey

Lamp Black



Stillman & Birn Alpha Series



Joining a Meeting 

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Artist Bio



Ian de Hoog is a Canadian watercolourist and instructor living out on the West Coast of British Columbia. Ian developed an early visual interest in the watercolour medium due to the works of Franklin Carmichael and Toni Onley. However, it was during a brief stint studying architecture that a physical love of painting manifested. While primarily self-taught, Ian is very grateful for the recent opportunities he has had to study with Thomas Schaller and Herman Pekel.






Ian de Goog Watercolour Ian de Goog Watercolour Ian de Goog Watercolour

May 01, 2021
10:30 am - 12:00 pm