The Art of Marbling with Tristina Dietz Elmes and Pebeo

June 10, 2021


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When: Jun 10, 2021 04:00 PM Vancouver 

Join us for an exciting live Pebeo Water-Marbling paint demonstration featuring artist and educator Tristina Dietz Elmes. Attendees can look forward to a review of the supplies and techniques used in Marbling which Tristina will use to create a variety of beautiful designs right before your eyes. Tristina will share her favorite tips and tricks for marbling success. Along the way she will answer your questions and share her favorite tools, papers, fabrics and other interesting surfaces for home decor, fashion accessories and fine art applications. As a bonus, Tristina will also show how to create your own marbled paper sketchbook cover with a free to download set of instructions. Watch this fun Pebeo Marbling event and inspire your creativity! This demo will be perfect for creative individuals looking to dip their toes into the world of marbling or folks who would like to watch this fascinating process in action. 




General Materials List

Pebeo Marbling Discovery Set (9 x 45ml colors + Marbling Bath + Paper)

1 x Extra Bottle Pebeo Marbling White (45ml)

Pebeo Plastic Droppers

11″x15″ Enamel Butcher Tray

Sumi-e Hosho Rice Paper

Mulberry / Kozo / Unryu Paper

100% Cotton Fabric or Silk Habotai Fabric that is PFD (Prepared for Dye)

Alum, also known as, Aluminum Sulfate Mordant (Optional)

  • Bottle for Mixing Aluminum Sulfate and Water
  • Spray Bottle and/or Sponge for Applying Aluminum Sulfate

Ceramic White Bisque Items, Tristina will use coasters

Rinse Board -such as Grafix Incredible Art Board or Masonite Drawing Board with a Plastic Bag Cover  

Disposable Gloves

Paper Towels,,Tristina will use Viva Brand

Plastic Table Cover

Measuring Cup

1 Teaspoon Measure

Wisk or Fork (for Mixing the Marbling Bath with Water)

Toothpicks / Skewers

Homemade Marbling Comb using Cardboard, Skewers, and Tape



Materials List For the Marbled Sketchbook Cover Project

Pre-Marbled Papers using Pebeo Marbling Inks (Fully Dry)

Sketchbook with Hard Cover

Pebeo Studio Acrylics Titanium White or Gesso

Pebeo Studio Acrylics Gel Medium Matt

Stiff Flat Brush (approx. a Size 12) such as Buzz Presto #12 Flat Brush

Palette Knife

Paper Towels

Cup of Water


Ruler (Optional)

Heavy Book (Optional)

Waxed Paper (Optional)

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Artist Bio

Tristina Dietz Elmes is an experimental mixed media abstract artist as well as an art teacher and Pebeo Product Specialist based in Florida. Having grown up in Taiwan and Korea, you may find an Asian flair in many of her fine artworks. Tristina has travelled the US and Canada teaching her brand of Mixed Media Adventure workshops and is excited to now share art techniques online through her Instagram accounts @DietzArt and @AsianFusionGraffiti, website, and YouTube channel.

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