The Power of Cyanotype with Alex Preston

July 19, 2022


When: July 19th from 11:00 am – 12:30 (PST)

The Power of Cyanotype with Alex Preston

Everyone is a photographer and as digital photography continues to grow, people are exploring older tactile ways of making photographic images.  Cyanotype is the oldest/safest form of photography, but it is more popular than ever.  Jacquard makes it easy.  We will show you how to mix cyanotype chemicals and coat your own substrates(paper, wood, fabric) and how to expose your sensitized surface and create lasting works of art in just minutes.  Hands-on photography is fun and rewarding for everyone from children to professional artists.  We will also discuss advanced toning changing the colour of the cyanotype and adding colours with paint and ink.  



Material List:

Jacquard Cyanotype Kits
– Jacquard Cyanotype Sheets
– Cyanotype Mural Fabric 

Jacquard Solarfast Film                    

Film Marker                      

Foam Brushes

Small bowl /container for mixing chemicals 

Paint brushes (2 round, 4 flat, 6 flat, 6 filbert)

Dye-na-flow 2.25oz (801 Sun Yellow, 806 Brilliant red, 813 Turquoise, 811 Violet, 814   Azure Blue, 819 Bright green)

Plastic Well Palette

Pane of plain glass for 8.5×11 sheets (9×12″)

A mix of objects to make silhouettes on cyanotype with recognizable shapes like seashells, sea stars, feathers, rocks, fake butterflies, dried flows and plant clippings  Wood panel for preparing and transporting cyanotype sheets

Soda ash(toning)

Black tea(toning) 

Instant Coffee(toning)

Nitrile gloves

Stirring stick

Paper towels


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Artist Bio:

Alex Preston is a 3rd generation art materials expert whose family has run Preston Art Center in Louisville KY since 1941.  Alex is a colour scientist and artist who develops and tests new products for Jacquard.   Textile expert, dye guru, sculptor, screen printer, airbrush artist, and marbler, Alex dips his fingers in a lot of different projects and helps people understand the best tools to bring ideas to life.  

Instagram: @divertedminds





Brand Bio:

Jacquard sells colours for every surface with a special emphasis on textile and fibers.  Dyes for every material, and paints for every substrate.  Jacquard has a wide offering of interesting and unique tools for self-expression.  People use our supplies for everything from cosplay to fly fishing.  


Instagram: @jacquardproducts

July 19, 2022
11:00 am - 12:30 pm