Top Ten Studio Tips with Tony O’Regan

February 13, 2021


In this demo, skilled BC artist and educator Tony O’Regan will introduce attendees to the
techniques and practices that make up his Top Ten Studio Tips. This fast-paced demo will
span multiple art mediums and pieces of valuable advice and insight. In the painting category,
attendees can look forward to learning how to paint with erasers, how to use rubber resist and
gum arabic with watercolours, and gaining insight into Tony’s famous “put & take” style paint


Those interested in perspective will benefit from tips including incredible tricks for drawing
boats and depicting figures in perspective. And why stop learning? Especially when you can
see how to use lineweight for impact, a way of drawing with both hands, and how to use the
shapes of X, T, C to improve your figure drawing practice? Rounding his demo off with great
advice from DaVinci himself, Tony’s demo will offer a smorgasbord of both practical knowledge
and fascinating tricks. Wonderful for artists of all levels, we look forward to seeing you at this
one-of-a-kind demo!

Given how many topics Tony will be covering, we recommend coming prepared with materials for note-taking!

This is a fast-paced DEMO rather than a workshop. If you wish to try the tips afterward, you will need the following materials: 

For Acrylic Techniques

– White vinyl eraser and/or optional rubber tip scraper-brush – ¾ “ (such as Princeton Catalyst Blades)

– a few acrylic paints in colours of your choice

– Canvas or canvas panel, 10inx12in or similar for experimenting, painted with Titanium White acrylic paint and allowed to dry 

For Drawing Techniques 

– A good soft pencil (such as 2B or 3B grade) or a black-inked Fineliner Pen of your choosing 

– 8 x 11 sketch or printer paper (to try black-white methods)

 For Watercolour Resist Techniques 

– Watercolour Masking Resist, Tony suggests Pebeo Drawing Gum

– A “throw-away” brush or brush you don’t mind semi-destroying (for use with Masking Resist)

– Blue watercolor paint, such as Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue, etc. (any brand) 

– Any watercolour compatible brush (size and shape dependent on personal preferences)

– Watercolor Paper of your choosing (about 10in x 12in)

For Watercolour Gum Arabic and Credit Card Techniques 

– Small amount of Gum Arabic such as Holbein, Winsor & Newton, or DaVinci

– Watercolour paints in colours of your choosing, Tony suggests red, yellow, and blue (any brand)

– Watercolor Paper of your choosing (about 10in x 12in)

– Any watercolour compatible brush (size and shape dependent on personal preferences)

– An old gift or credit card you don’t mind getting paint on 

– Scissors


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Artist Bio
Tony O’Regan was ‘trained’ in perspective in his early teens by his father who was a
designer-builder. He did architectural renderings and drafting for him, for his associates, then
larger building projects in ‘designer-colour’ gouache, watercolour, airbrush, etc. This led Tony to study painting at the original Vancouver School of Art and then Emily Carr and complete a
Masters in Environmental Design (Architecture). Through-out his studies, Tony freelanced and
taught at UBC, University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, Kwantlen, Shadbolt Center and
Emily Carr University. Tony loves design, but he particularly loves the ‘studio skills’ of drawing,
painting, sculpture and modelling.




Tony continues to create a collection of hundreds of his demonstrations and teaching videos, as well as other useful content for artists, teachers, students and design school applicants, at and lives in White Rock and drinks coffee at the Pelican Cafe. For questions and inquiries email


February 13, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm