Virtual Painting Class: Flowing Rivers in Watercolour

April 18, 2023

$30 or bring a friend to receive 5 off each of your tickets!


Get a sense of intuitive watercolour painting as artist Tiffany Blaise illustrates how to create a flowing river landscape with soft pastel tones in a semi-abstract style. Learn how to blend and mix colours, paint mountains and rivers, and let loose with watercolour paint in this fun and all-levels workshop.

You will come away with an understanding of how to paint an expressive landscape in watercolour and a piece of your own original art!


All levels class! 

Registration Details

Tickets available on Eventbrite at this link 

Suppy List


-Cold Press (rough texture) Watercolor paper: atleast 2 sheets of 9 X 12" or similar size

-Masking Tape and a flat hard surface to take your paper to, like a cutting board. If you don't have this you can tape it to a table

-Paper Towel

-Pencil and eraser

-At least 2 watercolour brushes. I like Opus' Bamboo brushes in the 8 or 10 size

-Hake brush (I use the 2" size but any will work great)

-Watercolour paint. I would suggest getting a watercolour set if you don't have any paints . If you prefer to buy individual tubes, you can choose at least 4 colors. I often use indigo, paynes grey, cobalt blue, black, sepia, green and magenta.



-Small spray bottle filled with water (can get from Opus or dollar store)

-An image of a minimal coastal scene that you would like to paint (or paint along with my demonstration image)

-Salt (I like using flaky sea salt)

April 18, 2023
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$30 or bring a friend to receive 5 off each of your tickets!