Vivacious Tulips – Art Class | Hosted by VVAF

May 04, 2021


DATE:  May 4, 2021

TIME: 6:30 PM – 6:30 PM PST

TICKET:  $34.47 (Students $28.90)

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation invites you to get creative with our Online Art Classes. We feature talented artists from our incredible Art Vancouver to teach their skills online.

Vivacious Tulips

Learn how to paint vivid tulips in a glass vase. Lisa will guide you through the layering of paint to get a rich finished look. You will also learn about the mixing of colours in order to get pastel hues and a painting filled with light and shadow. A step by step guide. No previous experience required.


  • Canvas or Watercolour Paper: 11″ x 14″ or 9″ x 12″
  • Opus Paint: Red Rose Deep, Ultramarine Blue, White, Opus Essential Fluid Acrylic Colours, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Green
  • Filbert brushes: Size 6 and 8
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • Palette
  • Varnish

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The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that connects, inspires and educates visual arts communities.


About the Instructor:

Lisa studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, as a Fashion Designer before moving to Paris to work at Christian Dior. “Art is way to express yourself, any kind of medium. Faces, landscapes and flowers are my passion and I love trying something new within my work am inspired by all aspects of art. Painting in oil, acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. Lisa is continuing her studies through online classes as well as teaching them.

May 04, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm