VSA Summer Special Designed Art Camp

July 04, 2022 - August 12, 2022


VSA Youth Art “Kids for Kids” Summer Special Offer

June 13-Sept 1, 2022

Exclusive offer 20% everything in-store and online

VSA Youth Art “Kids for Kids” Summer Sale is here! 50% of charity proceeds will support the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Place your order today www.vsafoundation.com/store.



🦾3D Crafting🦾

Learn hand-building fundamentals, turning your imagination into reality.



✍🏻Digital Manga✍🏻

Develop your interests in cartoons and comics. Learn the basic skills of digital painting and using digital equipment to draw creatively.


🖥Advanced PS🖥

Learn to use advanced digital tools such as Photoshop and Wacom to edit pictures. As well as practicing digital painting skills.


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Feel free to contact us through email, dm, or phone @604 288 0008

Looking forward to spending a wonderful summer with you 😎


Digital Manga: Completed at least one intermediate-level course in VSA or have passed the intermediate-level test

Advanced PS: Completed at least three intermediate-level courses / one intense-level course or have passed an intense-level test

Registration Details

Registration Portal: https://www.vsastudio.com/ 
Log in if you already have a VSA student account or create a new account if you are a new user.  Be aware of there are different time slots for the courses, please read carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

To register: Homepage -> Course Catalog
To pay: Homepage -> Billing -> Pending Invoices

Wait for an email notification to confirm pre-class preparation. 


July 04, 2022 - August 12, 2022
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

VSA Art + Design Studio
9002 Oak Street Vancouver
Vancouver, BC - British Columbia, V6P 4B9
BC - British Columbia