Wall Tapestry Weaving with Müge Ilgen

March 19, 2024

$125 - 135


Create a contemporary mini wall tapestry using a frame loom!

No prior experience needed – accomplished artist/instructor Müge Ilgen will guide you through every step.

Weaving on a loom is both artistry & therapy. Its rhythmic, repetitive nature invites contemplation & comfort. Balancing complexity & simplicity, weaving offers endless variations limited only by your imagination.

All materials, including weaving looms, will be provided, allowing you to personalize your masterpiece with a kaleidoscope of thread colors & textures.

Discover the joy of weaving as you learn:

  • Setting up & working on a frame loom
  • Essential weaving techniques for beginners
  • Creating intricate shapes & textures
  • Finishing touches & hanging for a polished result

Join us to weave your unique story & take your creation home with you! Presented by West Vancouver Community Arts Council.

Artist/Instructor Bio

Müge Ilgen is an artist who found her true passion in textiles after a career in banking & decade in the art sector. Through entrepreneurship & personal exploration, she honed her craft in frame weaving & macramé, crafting a unique visual style all her own.

Registration Details

Register at https://westvanartscouncil.ca/event-5624987

WVCAC Members $125 / Non-Members $135

March 19, 2024
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Silk Purse Arts Centre
1570 Argyle Ave
West Vancouver, British Columbia, V7V 1A1

$125 - 135