Watercolors and Pastels with Jeff Olson, Royal Talens Art Education Director

September 05, 2020



DATE: September 5 2020 – 10:00AM

Many artists are surprised to learn that soft pastels can be mixed with water media for dramatic effects. By combining Van Gogh® watercolors with Rembrandt® pastels, you can achieve a variety of marvelous outcomes. And with the new Van Gogh® Interference and Metallic colors on Van Gogh® Black Watercolor paper, the end result is even more stunning. Art Education Director for Royal Talens, Jeff Olson, will share some revealing facts about watercolors and pastels, and how to effectively apply these specialty colors for more dramatic effects in your painting endeavors.


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About Jeff Olsen & Royal Talens

Jeff Olson holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing and has been exhibiting for over 30 years. He has more than a decade of college and university teaching experience in studio art, and more than 20 years in the art material industry with product expertise in a variety of mediums; Olson’s demonstrations  deliver meaningful insights into the history, development, and application of artists’ materials.

The mission of Royal Talens, founded in 1899, is to facilitate and stimulate creative expression in painting and drawing. We market inspiring and innovative top-quality products including Amsterdam Acrylics. Talens’ Art Education mission is to provide “resources for artists and instructors that engage, inform and inspire artistic experimentation and expression.”







Van Gogh Interference & Metallic Water Colors

Rembrandt Pastels

Van Gogh Black Watercolor Paper

Watercolor Brushes assorted


Mixing Palette

• Water Container(s)

• Paper Towels

• Sponges (optional)



September 05, 2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm