Watercolour: Contemporary Contexts

September 23, 2021



This course for all levels explores the many ways watercolour is used in a contemporary art context. The focus is on learning the expressive and descriptive qualities of watercolour while exploring its potential as a medium to be used both in drawing and painting. Course content includes a range of thematic approaches including the narrative, mapping, science, the body, nature and working from historical sources. Some watercolour experience is helpful, but not necessary.
Thursdays 6pm – 9pm, Sep 23 – Dec 16 Classroom Delivery
Wendy Welch

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Suppy List

For first session you need: paints, brushes, plastic palette and watercolour sketchbook and two containers of water

-Watercolour Paints (14 ml tubes) (Suggested Brand: Winsor Newton)
Suggested Colours:
Winsor Lemon,
Winsor Yellow,
Winsor Red,
Alizarin Crimson,
Winsor Blue (red shade),
Winsor Blue (green shade),
Winsor Orange and Winsor Violet

The palette above includes a warm and cool version of each of the primaries (yellow, red and blue) as well as the three secondaries. The "Winsor" version of the colours is the least expensive.
Higher quality paint gives you more pigment and more value for your money. However you can also just use any watercolour paint you have on hand and be prepared for the results depending on quality on paint.

-Brushes: buy brushes that are specifically made for watercolour, synthetic sable round sizes 4 and 12 and 1" flat brush
-Palette: white plastic palette to mix your paints on (white lids such as from yogurt containers work well)
-Paper: 6 full sheets (22x30) of good Watercolour paper (Arches, Fabriano), rag, 140 lb
-Sketchbook: sketchbook with watercolour paper for practice exercise
-Ruler: 18" or longer
-Spray bottle
-Masking tape (low tac/painter's tape)
-H pencil, eraser, sharper
-Roll of tracing paper (22")
-Bristle brush for glueing
-White glue
-Blotting paper (1 sheet)

September 23, 2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Vancouver Island School of Art
302-733 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 3C7