An Introduction to Custom DIY Framing at Opus

Pierre from Opus Granville Island gives us a in depth walkthrough on how to Do It Yourself when using our Custom DIY Framing Service.

Step 1: Select the style of moulding you desire and any additional elements, such a what type of mat, glass, backing, and hanging hardware you may need.

Step 2: Measure the dimension of your piece and mat board. Record your desired dimensions for your custom DIY frame/mat order and place it with a Opus Staff member.

Step 3:
– Once your frame and mat board arrives, clean your glass and gently place it into the frame.

– Position the mat board on top of your print to highlight your picture.

– Secure the top with linen tape, leaving the sides and bottom loose as to prevent your picture from buckling.

– Place the picture along with the mat board into your frame. Put a piece of archival paper on top of your print before placing your backing in. This will give that extra protection between print and backing.

– Secure backing with either a point driver or staple gun.

– Screw the D-rings on the back of your frame. Tightly tie the hanging wire to each D-ring.

– Hang it!

Materials and Tools in shown in this video:
– Frame
– Mat board
– Glass
– Corrugate Backing
– 2x D-Rings
– 2x Screws
– Hanging Wire
– Linen Tape
– Ruler
– Screwdriver
– Glass cleaner
– Point Driver/ Staple Gun
– Gloves