Drawn Out: 365 Days of Drawing

In planes, trains, and automobiles, visual artist Michael Markowsky traverses the landscape to find new and interesting locations in which to create. He has painted in the Arctic tundra, in the bed of a moving truck, and even in a CF-18 fighter plane! This constant change of scenery is all done in the pursuit of challenging his artistic process to gain new insights and ways of working.

For the year of 2016, Michael has embarked upon a 365 day drawing challenge. Not only is he doing a drawing every day, but he’s filming this process and releasing videos of himself drawing on location. He is sharing this year-long challenge on his video blog, as he follows in the footsteps of artists he admires who also have a daily practice.

We documented Michael as he sketched the Trans Am Totem, a public art installation created by Vancouver sculptor Marcus Bowcott. Michael discusses his reasoning for taking on this daunting challenge and how this experience has impacted him in only 2 short months.

Watch Drawn Out: 365 Days of Drawing with Michael Markowsky above for insight into how someone tackles a year long daily practice. If you were hoping to continue our Opus Daily Practice Challenge beyond the month of February – which we hope you are – this is the ideal source of inspiration to keep your practice rolling!

Want to see more of Michael’s videos? Visit his Art Vlog on YouTube or watch some of our favourite videos of his below.