Experiments in Mixed Media Part 2: Yupo, India Ink and Pitt Pens

Originally released in August of 2015, Experiments in Mixed Media Part 2: Yupo, India Ink and Pitt Pens, with the late artist, teacher, public speaker and author, Nancy Crawford, will introduce you to exciting techniques that are sure to get you inspired to expand your mark-making repertoire and get playing!

Plus, in the article below you’ll find out why Nancy chose each of these materials as her top 5 favourite products!

Interested in the materials used by Nancy in Experiments in Mixed Media?
Opus Essential Sketchbooks
Lyra Watersoluble Graphite Sticks
General Graphite Powder
Yupo Synthetic Paper
Speedball Super Black India Ink
Pitt Artist Brush Pens
Painters’ Tape
Prang Washable School Glue
X-ACTO Knife
Kneadable Eraser
Speedball Hard Brayer
Spray Bottles
FC Bamboo Brush
Liquitex Freestyle Paddle #4
Foam Brushes

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Nancy’s Top 5 Favourite Materials

Artist, teacher, public speaker and author of Getting In: The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Outstanding Portfolio, Earning Scholarships and Securing Your Spot at Art School,
Nancy Crawford’s passion for sharing the joy of creation is revealed in all her endeavours.

The idea that creative limits result in limitless creativity is at the heart of Nancy’s process. In our 2-part video, Nancy reveals her top 5 materials for breaking out of your creative comfort zone. All the materials she demonstrates are affordable and versatile, perfect for both beginners and established artists to experiment with, coaxing the extraordinary out of the essentials. Read on below to learn a little more about why she loves working with these materials.

1. Opus Essential Sketchbooks

Essential is the keyword here for Nancy because for artists that’s exactly what these sketchbooks are. They act as a unified place to store and compile your research, ideas, thumbnail sketches and media experimentation around projects or topics you are exploring. The paper is receptive to a wide variety of media and its hardcover transforms it into a drawing board when you are out on location or travelling.

2. Lyra Watersoluble Graphite Sticks and General Graphite Powder

Watersoluble graphite is incredibly versatile. Use it dry, sand it into a powder, or dip it into the water to draw and paint with. The sticks make it perfect for travel, and, depending on how you hold it, you can get defined lines with the point or wide tonal coverage when used on its side. You can also purchase powdered graphite, which produces a more subtle effect and eliminates the need to sand down the sticks.

Tip: Nancy suggests putting some of the powdered graphite into a separate jar for use in your experimenting. This will save you a lot of clean-up should you accidentally spill it while working.

3. Yupo Synthetic Paper

Yupo is a smooth, slick, synthetic paper that accepts a variety of dry and wet mediums beautifully. From chalk pastels to graphites, India ink to watercolours – the number of materials you can use with Yupo is endless! What really makes it so much fun to work with though is the way the materials feel as you move them across the surface, with results that are beautifully unexpected.

Tip: Yupo has no grain which makes it great for a variety of different techniques. Nancy uses Prang Washable School Glue on top of Yupo, and once dried, outlines the marks of glue with Pitt Pens. She then peels the glue off revealing the negative space of the paper that the glue was on top of to create interesting marks and lines.

4. Speedball Super Black India Ink

India ink is a staple in Nancy’s studio and the variety of effects you can achieve makes it one of her top go-to products. It’s great for quick expressive drawings, has excellent coverage, and produces luscious and intense blacks while still offering a full range of greys. It can be brushed on, splattered, dripped, poured, or sprayed. When used on Yupo, the results are never the same twice – you will always stumble upon something new!

Tip: India ink is great for splashing and spraying onto your artwork, but it can also be loaded into a Calligraphy Pen for a more traditional approach.

5. Pitt Artist Brush Pens

Pitt Pens are lightfast, India ink-based pens that blend perfectly with Speedball India Ink. Available in a variety of nibs, from super fine to brush and chisel tips, they allow you to work back into your artwork with detail and precision. You can also use them to incorporate writing into your work or simulate writing for a conceptual flare in your piece.

Tip: Add some colour to your black and white drawings! Pitt Artist Brush Pens come in a variety of colours as well as nibs. All pens are India ink-based, permanent, light and water-resistant.

Get energized to begin your own experiments by visiting www.nancycrawfordartist.com
and discover how she uses each of her top 5 materials in the videos above!