How To: Holiday Watercolor Card Idea

Watch the video and try it out!

(Video compliments of Strathmore)

Materials Used:

Strathmore Watercolor Cards
Graphite Pencil
Permanent Ink Pen (Sakura Micron used in video)
Watercolor Paints (Sakura Koi Watercolor Set used in video)
Water Brush* or Watercolor Paint Brush

*Water brushes are like watercolor paint brushes with a traditional brush tip, but the tip connects to a barrel that is filled with water. The artist squeezes the barrel while working and the water comes out through the bristles. This eliminates the need to dip a brush into water while working with watercolors. They are fun to use but determining whether a water brush or traditional brush should be used comes down to artist preference and the project.


  1. Lightly hand letter a phrase with pencil. Don’t be afraid to use your eraser and get your lettering just the way you want it before you apply the permanent ink.
  2. Once you are happy with your lettering, trace over it with the pen.
  3. Erase your pencil marks.
  4. Use watercolor to add a design. When applying watercolors, start with your light colors first, then add in darker colors. Take time to let layers dry if you don’t want the colors to blend and to prevent colors from getting muddy.
  5. Give it a try with different phrases and designs!