How-To: Introduction to Screen Printing

With preparation and quality materials, screen printing can be easy as pie! Marsha Arbour, Manager of Opus Art Supplies in Victoria, reveals the step-by-step techniques for creating a simple 3-colour screen print with stencils.

In Part 1 – Materials & Preparation (above), you’ll be introduced to the supplies needed for printing, how to prepare your materials, and learn how to create both paper and Mask-Ease stencils.

Part 2 – Registration & Printing (below) covers attaching your stencils to the screen, two methods of registration, and the creation of a 3-colour print series.

Follow along, make your own notes, and then start creating your own prints! Further information can also be found in our Introduction to Screen Printing How-To Handout sheet.

Materials seen in these videos:
Masking & Double Sided Tape
Alvin Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Straight Edge Ruler
X-ACTO Knife and Extra Blades
Speedball Screen Printing Ink
Permaset Aqua Screen Printing Ink
Golden Silkscreen Medium
Golden Heavy Body Acrylics
Speedball Screen Printing Frame
Speedball Wood Squeegee
Strathmore Stamping Cards
Stonehenge Pads

Speedball Hinge Clamps
Chartpak Marker Blender
Lineco Bone Folder