Larger Than Life with Timothy Robert Smith

Start the year with BIG Inspiration and New Perspectives from Timothy Robert Smith

In this conversation between Timothy Robert Smith and Jeffery Olsen from Royal Talens, dive into the artist’s mind on working outside on murals compared to on canvas and merging perspective to create a kaleidoscopic visions, playing with our understanding of time and space. Plus, check out our Amsterdam Pre-Buy to get your hands on the  1L Amsterdam Acrylic Range.


His art has been shown in solo exhibitions at museums, TEDx conferences and several galleries; being featured in media outlets that include Juxtapoz, Artillery, NBC and KCRW. He has created a plethora of public work around Southern California, Florida and Japan, including an interactive installation at the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster (May 2018) that combined oil painting with lights, sounds, 3-D sculpted figures and video projections.


As an oil painter, muralist, and multi-media artist, Timothy is well versed in showing his work in a traditional setting like galleries and outdoors. Working large, like in mural work, is an adjustment and takes reimagining. Timothy shares the difference mindset the public has when viewing outside a gallery “when you’re outside, when you’re just going to work or going on a walk, or whatever you’re doing, you haven’t even made that choice, you’re just in the city. So, a mural is like a building. It’s like a part of the city and that’s what I really like about it. It just kind of becomes an icon of the city.“.

The talented artist, also talked about his approach to perception “for me perspective is the tool I’m best at using, to show the idea that I’m going for. The idea is very hard to explain with words but it’s kind of like going beyond our limited perception of what we think reality is as individuals and also as a culture. Reality is a lot more complicated than what we can observe. But I use observational skills, specifically perspective, and I try to twist things around to show like what does a city look like from someone standing on this street corner and then what does that same city look like from that street corner and what if you could combine what’s in [both their minds] and take all the vanishing points and morph them together, almost in a panoramic view.”


One zoom participant inquired about how Timothy uses materials “I mix on location. I always start with a very limited palette… Well not super limited.” He added 7 seven colours he works with: White, Black, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Red (it looks like Cadmium but doesn’t recommend Cadmium outdoors), Azo Yellow (a great substitute for Cadmium Yellow for outdoors), Blue.


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