Loved By: Sally Mackereth

SALLY MACKERETH is an architect who is renowned for fusing architecture with interior design. For Sally, her studio “takes its signature from an integrated approach which places as much importance on the interior spaces as the considered details of the architecture that defines them.”

With this in mind, the illustration of ideas for clients becomes extremely important for Sally, which often involves extensive research and planning through sketching, drawing and eventually computer rendering. Although, for most projects, Sally finds that a simple sketch is the most effective way of communicating her vision.

As a child, Sally was forever drawing, but she never saw herself as an artist. Sally commented that “two dimensions don’t interest me as much as three,” and for Sally, architecture embodies total creativity.

After twenty years with her own award-winning architecture practice,  in 2013, Sally reformed a new architectural design team – Studio Mackereth, a collective of architects and designers who all have the ability to draw and think in three dimensions.

For Sally, “great buildings do not come out of a design process explored just using computers,”; and all for all her projects, she finds the process of creation far more interesting than the finished architecture.

You will see her talk about the exciting beginnings when her team uses crude materials like cardboard and masking tape to explore ideas. And the beginning of personal bespoke projects, which she often starts with a simple pencil drawing.

Like many others, though, Sally finds being creative a practical way to find relaxation – often taking a break from the pressures of her job to make soft pencil sketches or watercolour paintings, which are just for personal enjoyment and not for clients or her team.

Favourite tools: soft graphite and colouring pencils, heavy grade paper, watercolour