Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge 2012

A huge THANK YOU to the 335 artists who participated in our first ever Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge, held at Opus locations across BC on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Our video was filmed on location at and around the Granville Island, Vancouver location of Opus Art Supplies. It represents what we’ve heard from artists that participated in this challenge as well as what Opus staff from all our locations have relayed to us was their experience of the day. We hope you enjoy this little taste of this wonderful event!

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Drawing from Inspiration

Our staff (and our customers too!) documented some of the day at each of their locations – Granville Island, Downtown Vancouver, North Vancouver, Langley, Kelowna, and Victoria. The winners from each location, images from the day, links to blog posts and press coverage of the event are below.

Granville Island
First Place: Ivonne Palacaios
Second Place: Betty Woo
Third Place: Juhli Caldwell

Downtown Vancouver
First Place: Samual Orr
Second Place: Lianne Gulka
Third Place: Edgar Alan Rossetti

Downtown Vancouver Outdoor Painting Challenge – April 21, 2012

North Vancouver
First Place: David Mcholm
Second Place: Miles Brook
Third Place: Cynthia McLean
Honorable Mentions: Kay Fuller

North Vancouver Outdoor Painting Challenge – April 21, 2012

First Place: Shane Molina
Second Place: Bryan Coombes
Third Place: Gregory Burr
Honorable Mentions: Diana Ponting, Steven Chen, and Barry Walker

Langley Outdoor Painting Challenge – April 21, 2012

First Place: Barb Hillier
Second Place: James Sanders
Third Place: Heather Yeats

Kelowna Outdoor Painting Challenge – April 21, 2012

First Place: Elaine Charters
Second Place: Jeff Maltby
Third Place: Ken Faulks

Victoria Outdoor Painting Challenge – April 21, 2012

Blog Posts
Robi Smith – Tug Boats at Crab Park (participated at Opus Downtown Van.)
Denise Maxwell (participated at Opus Langley)
Michael King – Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge (participated at Opus Langley)
Darlene Young – Red Boat (participated Opus Victoria)
Photographer Erin Guerard took photos of many painters at Opus Victoria

Press Coverage
Langley Times – A Breath Of Fresh Air
Kelowna Capital News – Artists Paint Downtown Kelowna. This article features Penticton artist Barb Hillier how coincidentally was awarded first prize at Opus Kelowna’s Challenge!
SNAP Okanagan – OPUS Outdoor Painting Challenge

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