Opus Videos: Share Your Gift

Join artists Pierre Coupey, Sarah Clement, and Enda Bardell as they reminisce about their first memories of art, and explore what exactly drew them to working with the mediums they love.

Pierre Coupey

“Paint itself is something I’m in love with – the way of making shape and form with a loaded brush. Without that, I think life would be quite deprived.”

Growing up with an avid art collector as a father exposed Pierre Coupey to the possibilities of paint and brush. From a young age, he found himself drawn to paint itself. Pierre reveals one year when his childhood home in Montreal was being renovated, he decided to surprise his parents with an unexpected paint job on the family’s car. One year later, he painted the car again but also painted the neighbourhood children from head to toe.

During his teen years, Pierre was able to experiment in oils thanks to a local art supplies company that gave him needed supplies on credit, though he was also adept at creating his own pigments just for the opportunity to paint. On a mission to evolve his identity as an artist, Pierre frequented galleries throughout his studies at McGill University, Académie Julian and Atelier 17 in Paris.

These days, Pierre returns the help he was given to artists on their journey to finding their artistic voice through teaching and writing. Watch Pierre in his home studio as he takes us on a walk down memory lane, a lifetime in the making.

Sarah Clement

“My life is probably more colourful and vibrant and full because of my ability to express myself creatively.”

Sarah Clement has been drawing with pencils and pens as far back as she can remember. She fondly recalls the variety of vividly coloured felt markers used in elementary school that first introduced her to the world of art.

A keen artist from an early age, Sarah kept a sketchbook, which her parents have kept through these years, mostly featuring her favourite theme, nature. Her love of wildlife, pen work and colour come together in her current works as well, intricate drawings interspersed with organic and vibrant splashes of acrylic ink on paper.

In junior high, Sarah recognized a calling in illustration when she was assigned a project of illustrating a book with the help of a younger student. Sarah gifted the book to the student she was helping and has since come full circle in sharing her gift through her recent illustration of Katherine Govier’s children’s book, “Half for You, and Half for Me”.

Discover how the love of felt markers brought this illustrator to nature–inspired works of art.

Enda Bardell

“It only takes one person to believe in someone.”

Originally from Estonia, via Sweden, Enda Bardell’s first memories of art are of creating from necessity. When Enda was a young refugee in Sweden, Swedish children were not allowed to play with Estonian children and so she turned to art, creating handmade paper dolls and giving them away to build friendships and connections.

After her family immigrated to Canada, Enda was finally recognized for her talent by her elementary school teacher. This, she recalls, was the first time she felt like an artist, and since then she has continued her exploration of art through the use of watercolour and acrylic paint.

Enda participates in the Vancouver Sun’s Adopt–a–School program. Each year, she sponsors a student from her old elementary school, Admiral Seymour Elementary, who is interested in art and takes them on a shopping spree at Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island. Enda loves giving young artists who may be in situations similar to those of her own childhood the encouragement and opportunity to pursue their art.

See Enda’s story, and share your gift!