Opus Creative Lives Podcast – Old Hazelton

We would like to thank all of you who’ve contributed to our Oh Canada Virtual Art Tour – what an epic, seven-week adventure! From Faces to Food, Landscapes to Landmarks, we’ve travelled coast to coast, finishing things off with Culture – an exploration of the different heritages which make up our country. The gallery is overflowing and your extraordinary submissions have beautifully demonstrated the rich diversity of our nation as well as the unique spirit which bonds us together.

After eight weeks on the road, we come full circle, back to where the journey began in Old Hazelton, at the heart of the Gitxsan territory. Our tour was launched with an article about ‘The Return’, an aptly-named mural project which helped reconnect a bruised community. In the second instalment of the Opus Creative Lives Podcast, we’ll hear more from Leah Pipe, Roy Henry Vickers and Michelle Stoney. Heralding from different generations, their unique experiences, insights and creative contributions are going a long way to instigate positive change. They share a vision on the artist’s role in healing and moving societies forward, navigating through the toughest obstacles from social crisis through to pandemic, with stories of the past and hopes for the future to echo across Canada.

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