Science & Art Unite! Daniel Smith Watercolors

Get a behind–the–scenes look at the raw materials used to produce some of your favourite watercolours!

John Cogley, Owner of Daniel Smith, discusses how his team of mineralogists and chemists create their luscious and vivid Extra Fine Watercolors. Enjoy a brief history lesson and see these pigments in action as a group of engaged workshop–goers at Opus Langley put paint to paper.

Discover what your watercolours looked like before they were paint, and see how they shimmer when water and artist bring them to life in our latest video!

Visit to learn more about their watercolour line and the other products they supply.

Couldn’t attend this demo? You can re–create the experience in your own studio!

Test out all of the properties of these wonderful colours by picking up a Daniel Smith Dot Card, then visit your local rock and gem store to see what your watercolours looked like before they became paint. Below are a few great places where you can see these raw minerals up close and personal — fusing science and art has never been so fun!

Vancouver Granville Island
The Crystal Ark

Mountain Gems

North Vancouver
Capilano Rock + Gem

Western Gem and Mineral Supplies
5631A 176A Street,
Surrey, BC V3S 4G8
Phone: 604-574-1980

Rockhound Shop

Shawanda Rocks & Crystals Holistic Wellness Center