Score, Fold, Stitch: Designing Your Own Sketchbook

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Score, fold and stitch the way to your own handmade sketchbook!

Join Nadine Werner, master bookbinder, paper artist, and designer for Paper-Oh Notebooks, as she demonstrates some of the easy techniques she uses for creating sketchbooks with glue free bindings. Whether you work in graphite, watercolour, or a variety of mediums, designing your own personalized sketchbook is a fun way to make something that can meet your specific needs.

Watch Score, Fold, Stitch: Designing Your Own Sketchbook above or on the Opus YouTube Channel to discover how to create torn edges using a bone folder, fold and measure the section of a sketchbook, and sew your sketchbook using a single pamphlet stitch. The tools are simple and the possibilities are endless!

Tip: Unsure whether you want your sketchbook to have torn edges or straight edges? Use a bone folder to tear the edges and then make your decision later!

Interested in some of the products Nadine uses?
St. Armand Canal Paper
Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
Lineco Bone Folder
Lineco Heavy Duty Awl
Lineco Binding Thread
Lineco Bookbinder Needle
White Beeswax
Alvin Cutting Mat
X-ACTO Knives & Blades
Double-Sided Tape