Using Fluid Acrylics

Some of the Opus staff show the exciting possibilities for working with Fluid Acrylics – see samples and get inspired!

Why Buy Golden Fluid Acrylics?

For the same reasons it was created: artists asked Golden for a paint that flowed well but without losing integrity of hue or film strength. Golden responded with Golden Fluid Acrylics. They are…

Creamy – the consistency is like heavy cream.

Intense – there is a lot of pigment packed into each fluid ounce. If you want your paint even thinner, you don‚Äôt need to add so much that you lose the colour’s full intensity.

Versatile – their consistency makes them easy to mix with thick mediums such as gels; they can be used for pouring, spraying, glazing, airbrushing, fabric painting, decorative effects, fine art techniques and more.

Mediums and Materials mentioned in the video

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Cradled Panels

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