Yuichi Takasaka: Facemounted Digital Prints

What do you get when you mix a passion for the Northern Lights with a new digital printing process? The answer can be found this month at Vancouver’s Art Beatus gallery in the photography of Yuichi Takasaka and his Fires In the North exhibition, featuring 20 large-scale, facemounted prints of the Aurora Borealis.

We spoke with Yuichi on the opening day of Fires In the North about his stunning, ethereal photography of the night sky, and how his art has changed with the introduction of digital cameras, digital printing techniques, and new display options such as facemounting.

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Shining a Light on Facemount

When using film, Yuichi explains, he could only do star trail photos on moonless nights. Now with digital, “I take a series of photos with 6–15 seconds exposure over the course of 3 hours, and then put them all together on the computer. This way you can see the star trail, the moon, and the foreground and everything. This could not have been done with film.”

Another big difference is the size that Yuichi is able to print his digital photos. Using his 24 mega-pixel Canon Digital camera, he’s able to capture extremely large images. “I used to do smaller pictures, but then I found ‘the bigger, the better!’” Printed and facemounted at a size of 30″ wide, Yuichi’s photos show incredibly fine details. We were excited to find out that Opus’ introduction of Facemounting to our Fine Art Digital Printing Service was the inspiration to put together this show.

“For night-sky photographers, the difference between digital and film photography is just night and day!”

“This exhibition actually happened because of this new technology, facemounting. My friend who does photography in Japan has been using facemount for many years. I noticed that Opus started doing facemounting early this year. I immediately printed all these large 60 UI prints – 20 of them!” After showing these images in Kelowna, Yuichi contacted Vancouver’s Art Beatus, and arranged a second show.

Facemounting involves permanently adhering an image to a clear substrate such as Plexiglas™. With the image mounted behind the Plexi, light refracts in a way that makes the colour pop and provides an almost 3D effect, with the image appearing sharper than ever before. With gallery lighting it may appear as if the piece is back-lit. Facemounted prints are backed with Opus Aluminum Composite Panel for a strong, structurally stable piece.

“Most people in Canada have never seen it (facemount) so they usually say: “Wow, this is like the lights are coming out of it” so it is very, very effective. Now that I use facemount, I don’t think I could go back. This is just great for the Northern Lights – the light just pops out! It’s just great!”

You can experience Yuichi’s Fires In The North exhibition at The Art Beatus Gallery until October 18th, 2013.

Update, October 11: Due to the outstanding attendance, Yuichi’s Fires In The North exhibition has been extended until November 1!