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Materials At Work: A Passion for Watercolour, Mixed Media & Pastel

Opus Visual Podcast • Season 4, Episode 1 In this Conversations with Creatives episode, we’ll be discussing the profound connection and relationship between artists and materials. This time we are joined by artists Angela Fehr, Tiko Kerr, and Misako Flodin.... Read More

Conversation with Nature: Communicating Landscapes in Plein Air

From hiking mountain tops to sailing the seas, these 4 artists communicate landscapes in plein air. Let’s hear from Charlie Easton, Andrea England, Ken Faulks, and D F Gray to discuss how why they chose to create outdoors.⁠  

Conversation with Nature: Art In The Garden

From a homegrown oasis to the public park, gardens provide the lifeblood to private lives and local communities. In this episode, learn how artists Marney-Rose Edge, Ken Clarke, Paula Barrantes, and Anaïs Lera each employ a unique approach to art... Read More

Conversation with Nature: A Greener Practice

Spring is here. So we’re stepping outdoors with the new theme Conversations with Nature. Over the next few months, we’ll be discussing the different ways artists converse with their natural surroundings and discover fresh paths of creativity. In this first... Read More

Manifesting Creative Success

Bringing Our Art Into The World From imagining endless possibilities through to putting our vision into practice, we’ve now reached the final episode of ‘The Power Of Art’ – ‘Manifesting Your Creative Success’. How do we realise our vision to... Read More

Putting Our Vision Into Practice

Opus Visual Podcast • Season 2, Episode 3 In this Opus Podcast, artists Cori Creed, Ian de Hoog, and Nikko Saturnus Mercialo share techniques they employ to develop and execute their vision, as well as their thoughts and tips on practicing. The artists... Read More

Imagining Endless Possibilities Part 2

Part 2 of our Imagining Endless Possibilities Podcast, this time featuring artists Levi Nelson and Lauren Brevner. In our second of two Imagining Endless Possibilities podcast, artists Levi Nelson and Lauren Brevner speak about how art allows us to navigate... Read More

Imagining Endless Possibilities

Featuring Kari Kristensen and Lee James Abbott In our first Opus Visual Podcast of the year, we are exploring how we can harness our imagination, how we can harness our imagination, how we can get into the right headspace to... Read More

Art Brings Us Together – How Shopping With Heart Helps Our Communities

Art Brings Us Together, How Shopping With Heart Helps Our Communities. With Call Arts, Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival, Artist for Kids and Langley Arts Council. Last year, we challenged you to help us raise $16,000. You smashed this goal. So... Read More

Art Is a Gift : Unwrapping The Eastside Culture Crawl 2021

In this Opus Art Supplies Conversations with Creatives Podcast, we asked a selection of artists featured in the 25th annual Eastside Culture Crawl what our theme of “Art is a Gift” means to them.  

Part of Something Bigger

In this Opus Art Supplies Conversations With Creatives Podcast, we interviewed Alex Sandvoss, Odera Igbokwe, and Tyler Keeton Robbins about what Living a Creative Life means to them. Listen as they discuss their aim to bring positivity and happiness to... Read More

Living A Creative Life: Career Artists, Day to Day

This is a Conversation with Creatives podcast. We’re currently exploring the theme living a creative life. In this second episode we’re discovering what a creative life looks like for four career artists Alice Parmelee Rich, Emilie & Mike Fantuz and... Read More

Living A Creative Life: Beyond University

In this conversation with creatives, dive into the creative lives of four Emily Carr University of Art & Design graduates. Discover their creative journeys and what led them to a career in the arts. Featuring Allison Chan, Kirk Gower, Michelle... Read More

Exploring Plein Air and Urban Art (Long Version)

In this first ever long format version of our podcast, dive deeper into the creative process of these four Plein Air and Urban Sketching artists through our theme of Exploring the outdoors through art. This episode features Zandro Thumaliuan, Jose... Read More

Explore with Plein Air Artists

Opus Art Supplies explores the outdoors through art! In this episode of the Opus Visual Podcast, we hear from Maria Josenhans and Dominik Modlinski on why they choose to paint plein air and the process, thoughts, and trials that come... Read More

Explore with Urban Artists

Opus Art Supplies explores the outdoors through art! In this episode of the Opus Visual Podcast, we hear from Zandro Tumaliuan and Jose de Juan. As we explore the outdoors, we explore our inner world. Zandro’s Instagram: Jose’s Website:... Read More

Beyond Boundaries with Amy Dyck, Glenys Takala, and Frankie Watt-Elphinstone

Listen to the new podcast featuring conversations with three FCA artists and past winners of the FCA On The Edge Exhibition on how going beyond boundaries helps them grow and the value they find in entering juried exhibitions. Check out... Read More

Cultivating Creativity: Final Presentation Part Two

We’re continuing to explore the final stages of the creative process with artists Steve Chmilar and Blythe Scott, and artist consultant Pennylane Shen.   Featuring: @stevechmilar @blythescottartist @dazed.and.confucius      

Cultivating Creativity: Final Presentation Part One

Our journey through the creative cycle continues and we’ve arrived at the last steps. So what do we do with the art we’ve made? In this visual podcast, we explore how our guests found their artistic voices, learned to get... Read More

Cultivating Creativity: Practice, Practice Practice Part Two

Listen as 3 artists reveal refreshing takes on the universal frustrations artists experience and why they’re necessary for our growth. Practice adds power to our creating by toning our creative muscles and exercising our vision around what we want to... Read More

The Role Practice Plays in Cultivating Creativity

To start off 2021 we’ve been exploring the Creative Cycle. In January, we focused on Re-imagining and Experimentation, shaking off self-doubt, letting loose and planting seeds that we can move forward to nurture. So now that we’ve done that, what’s... Read More

An Inspiring Look at What Reimagining & Experimentation Mean to Artists

What Re-Imagining and Experimentation Means to Five Different Artists With our focus on Re-Imagining and Experimentation this January, we wanted to know how different artists approach and set their creative pursuits in motion, and deal with their inner critic along... Read More

Opus Visual Podcast: Creative Lives with Yared Nigussu, Camilla d’Errico, Stacey Dallyn

In this episode we are exploring the different ways artists are realizing their creative endeavours. It can be hard to make art your living but these art leaders are making it happen. During these evolving times, the pursuit of creative... Read More

Opus Creative Lives Podcast – Old Hazelton

We would like to thank all of you who’ve contributed to our Oh Canada Virtual Art Tour – what an epic, seven-week adventure! From Faces to Food, Landscapes to Landmarks, we’ve travelled coast to coast, finishing things off with Culture... Read More

Opus Art Supplies Podcast – In Conversation with Ross Penhall

Ross Penhall is always looking for a fresh perspective to capture. Take a listen to our podcast interview where Penhall discusses his fascination with light and shadow and the way landscapes lead the eye. Click below to check out other... Read More