Acrylic Art Workshop with Nicole Vaugeois



These workshops will teach you how to complete your own piece of art using acrylic paints. Participants will study paintings by other acrylic artists so they can learn about the versatility of the medium. Nicole will provide a demonstration for participants and videos will be used to illustrate techniques. After learning basic sketching and composition basics, participants will complete a painting in acrylics. Handouts are provided to continue practice at home later. All participants are invited to showcase and sell their artwork at the Summer Show and Sale August 15-18.

2013 Weekend Workshops:
Jan 26-27, Feb 23-24 and March 23-24 (max 5 participants)
10 am to 3 pm

2013 Summer Workshops:
June 25-27 and July 16-18 (max 10 participants)
10 am to 4 pm

Broody Rooster Gallery—2980 Giovando Road (Cedar/Yellowpoint)
Weekend workshops $150 each,
Summer 3 day workshops $250

(art supply list available upon registration—
bring your own or pay an additional $50 for a starter art kit)

Registration Details

Contact instructor at nicoleathome@shaw.ca or call 250-245-4405. Website has more information and payment links at www.broodyrooster.com

Supply List

  • basic acrylic supplies - list provided upon registration



Acrylic Painting