Bas Relief, Sculpture and mixed media for Artists

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Bas Relief, Sculpture and mixed media for Artists
A course designed with a focus on 3D Bas relief sculpture for Abstract realism Experimental painting, jewellery, mixed media, stampers, papercrafts, architectural ceramics, pottery and sculpture.
Instruction will include figurative, tessellation & designing repeating patterns, as well as a variety of subjects in clay relief. Artists will learn how to apply relief, texture, embellishments and accents to a variety of art projects. The focus will be on sculpting relief in a variety of materials. Clay, paperclay, air dry clays and molding mediums. Artists will experiment with many different sculpting mediums and substrates to achieve texture and relief in artistic practice.

Understanding Art Materials for Experimental Painting:

Artists experiment with a variety of manufactured art products in their daily practice. Few truly understand the mediums they use and how to maximize their benefits. Understanding the materials, the ingredients and the techniques to use those mediums will benefit and enhance an artists practice. This course will invite artists to explore and experiment with making paint (watercolor, oil, conte, acrylic) textural mediums (coldwax , encaustic, molding mediums, air dry clays) and glazing mediums/other (damar varnish, pigment paste, resists -masking fluids, vaseline, gesso etc.) methods to thicken, alter and change existing paint. This class will teach the artist how to enhance experimental painting techniques and process with textures and relief on a variety of substrates. Understanding your medium can open artistic expression and allow artists to push their own process into exciting and new areas.

In this course students will learn:
Understanding Artist materials – methods, raw materials, mediums & paint
3D sculpture and relief
A sculpture -Head study
Mixed media and experimental painting techniques – using drawing, painting, collage, and sculptural accents
Mold making for art tile, paper arts, painters and potters
Realist Abstraction using texture

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