Beginner/Intermediate Oil Painting Classes



This oil painting class is geared towards beginner and intermediate students. There will be a maximum of 6 students for more individual attention.

Classes will start with a short lecture; they will continue with painting time where I will walk around the class to teach in a one-on-one style; and will be followed by 1-3 critiques. Intermediate students will get more advanced explanations and challenges in the one-on-one section of the class.

This class is designed to work from life so I will bring still life items to class with differing levels of difficulty, but you may bring your own items from home.

Each class will work on a new fresh piece except for the last two classes where we will get a little more in depth with the subject and work from a photo.

Please note: If you have no prior experience at all please let me know as I can arrange an introductory “how to use oil paints” class.

Special Instructions

Materials about the class can be found here: https://jessicahedrickart.wordpress.com/classes/beginner-and-intermediate-materials-list/

It is encouraged that beginner students start off in black and white.

Please email me at jessica.j.hedrick@gmail.com or call me at 778-887-8037 with any questions.


Some experience with oil paints preferred. Please email me if you have never worked in oils before so we can arrange an introductory explanation of how to work with oil paints.

Registration Details

Please email me at jessica.j.hedrick@gmail.com or call me at 778-887-8037 to sign up or ask questions.

Supply List

  • please visit the following link for materials: https://jessicahedrickart.wordpress.com/classes/beginner-and-intermediate-materials-list/



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