Bookkeeping Workshop for Artists

$Seymour Art Gallery members – Free Non-members 20


Topics covered:
• Minimum records required to control your business successfully
• Basic manual journals vs. computerized software programs
• Cash inflows and outflows – not everything is a sale or an expense
• Accounts receivable and accounts payable
• GST, PST and payroll records
• What your accountant will want to see
• Tax traps to avoid
• Audit-proofing your records
• Getting the most from your financial statements – basic statement interpretation

Marianna Scott’s career began in hotel and restaurant management, eventually moving in to accounting. She spent several years running her own business as a bookkeeper and personal tax preparer. In February 2003, she was employed by Quantum Accounting where she has helped manage the financial operations of many small business clients, as well as not-for-profit groups and self-employed individuals. She developed the tax department at Quantum, which is now a thriving and integral part of the range of services that Quantum offers. In June 2009, the owner of Quantum Accounting retired from the company and Marianna took over as president.



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