Classical Realism Atelier: Introduction to Portrait Drawing

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This is an introductory primer to portrait drawing. In the tradition of the Academic method, students will copy from masterworks to understand what to draw and how to draw it. In this first 6-week primer to drawing the portrait, Mandy will give intensive hands-on instruction in the essential cornerstones of good draftsmanship.

– measuring and proportion: a simple method for blocking in and the key to achieving likeness.
– values: describing three-dimensions on a flat surface using light and shadow pattern, and rendering the drawing using the classical order of light.
– form: using Constructive Drawing, students will gain and understanding the structure of a human head, from the underlying structural anatomy to the surface anatomy of all the features.
– materials and techniques: a refined way to use graphite pencils to achieve beauty in our drawings.

A high level of commitment is expected, as daily practice exercises, akin to practicing one’s musical scales, will be essential to students’ progress. In addition, one homework assignment will be given each week and corrected during class time the following week.

This 6-week course will be followed by the second stage of portrait primer, a 5-week course (March 2013) in drawing from the plaster cast.

Tuesday evenings 6pm-9pm
Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26
Main and 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

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Portrait Drawing