Drawing as Sculpture



This course explores the intersections and boundaries between drawing and sculpture. Students will make inventive sculptures using everyday materials such as thread, tape, sticks, paper and a range of found objects. Built sculptures will deal with basic drawing concerns such as line, negative space, perspective and arranging shapes and forms to create patterns, designs and compositions. Drawings made in this class will move off the paper onto the wall and floor, and to open space (suspended from the ceiling). This course includes lectures, studio time and a brief overview of contemporary drawing and sculpture practices. The course is inspired by the work by American artist Sarah Sze (http://www.sarahsze.com) who is representing the United States in this year’s Venice Biennale. No previous drawing or sculpture experience is necessary.

Thursdays 10am – 1pm, May 16 – June 20
Instructor: Danielle Hogan, MFA
Tuition: $225.00 (18 hrs)


No previous drawing or sculpture experience is necessary.

Registration Details

Vancouver Island School of Art
2549 Quadra St. Victoria BC V8T 4E1
T. 250 380 3500
E. info@vancouverislandschoolart.com

Registration online: http://www.vancouverislandschoolart.com/registration.html

or by phone: 250-380-3500

Supply List

  • Materials for first class: - 5 large sheets of white drawing paper (approx. 22 x 30 in)** (the total equivalent of a 22 x 30 sheet of paper should be enough for the first class) - a selection of thread (both sewing thread and heavier string would be good) - scissors - coloured (painters) tape - masking tape (thin) - glue stick - a small selection of drawing pencils and pens - Xacto knife - some old cardboard or matte board